A Concierge Nurse is a Registered Nurse (RN) that provides discreet, upscale, personalized nursing care in a variety of settings such as homes, hotels, hospital rooms, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, aboard boats, and at medical appointments. The types of home care services that may be delivered are only limited by the RN's license and areas of expertise. Concierge Nursing takes the concept of home health, combines it with customized home care services and adds in unparalleled compassionate personalized attention.

What is Concierge Nursing?

the concierge nursing difference

A Concierge Nurse is an independently practicing professional Registered Nurse. They are not employed by a home health agency, hospital, doctor, insurance company or medical office. They are employed by you; thus you are their only focus. Concierge Nurses do not bill insurance companies or participate in health plans so they are not limited by these plans when providing services to you. A Concierge RN can provide any service that you wish to pay for as long as it is within their Scope of Practice. 

In short; A LOT! It's a common misconception that a Registered Nurse only fulfills physicians orders. In reality, nursing is its own healthcare specialty. Nurses support the health of individuals by working alongside doctors and other medical providers. Concierge RN's provide an enormous range of patient care that does not require a physician's order. All Registered Nurses are licensed to practice nursing, independent of a physician, by their state's Nursing Practice Act. Collaboration with your physician may extend the potential care to further meet your needs. 

How does Concierge Nursing differ from Home Health?

What can a Concierge RN do without a physician's order?

In order to provide the highest quality customized care, we do not accept any type of insurance.

Choose KCRN for both affordability and personalization of care. We're not any home care agency. Give us a call and find out what sets us apart from the rest.

We believe in creating stronger nurse-patient relationships without insurance.

Do you Take Insurance?

Realizing that you and your loved one need a break from the 24/7/365 care that's being provided, is the first step in reaching out to KCRN. We will provide excellent home care assistance while seamlessly continuing the routine that's working so well for the both of you. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Respite Care

Daily, monthly, weekly visits by your KCRN are provided so that whatever your level of care, we customize a personalized plan that will provide you with the care that will encompass all of your social, medical and wellness needs. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Companion Care

Whether you need knowledge of a medical diagnosis, deeper understanding of how your medications work together or education regarding your role in improving your level of wellness, KCRN has the ability to make health and wellness issues understandable. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.


Knowing that KCRN can serve as your ally, as you attempt to navigate complex and confusing healthcare options, is reassuring. Education, information and advocacy are essential for the best decisions. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Patient Advocacy

When concerns regarding your current or upcoming hospitalization and eventual recovery are at the forefront of your mind, KCRN has the expertise and experience needed to prepare for a smooth transition into and out of the hospital, rehabilitation or surgery center. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Pre & Post Hospitalization

Waking up every morning with the confidence and pleasure of knowing that not only will your KCRN be arriving to help with your daily routine, but will also be a wonderful companion while you enjoy the surroundings of your own home or prepare for a day away. Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care. 

Daily Living Support

"I knew that if Connie and the rest of the medical team hadn't worked tirelessly, I wouldn't be here today. I was cared for by many nurses, but she is a rare type of nurse whom I will never forget."

"Connie has been caring for patients for a long time, knows how to listen and shows great empathy for the well being of others. She has high expectations of herself and doesn't settle for anything but delivering the very best care."

"I felt safe and confident with Connie's care and knowledge. Her care far exceeded my expectations, when I was very sick [with COVID-19]."

"Connie is knowledgeable, dedicated and highly competent. Aside from her excellent nursing skills, I would say her strongest characteristic is her ability to communicate effectively with anyone and everyone."

"Connie established relationships with not only her patients, but also their family members. This relationship helps them to feel safe during a time of uncertainty. She is a great patient advocate and always ensures patient safety."

Kind Words

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