days recovery for each day in the hospital). An example, 12 days in the hospital=12 weeks to recover. When you are at home, you are not only more comfortable but more relaxed. You will be able to rest comfortably and have the energy to focus on your healing and recovery. For example, researchers found that stroke patients who recovered at home after only 10 days in the hospital had faster recovery and,

We understand the anxiety that comes from illness and surgery.

Being away from home slows the recovery process. The rule of thumb for a hospital stay is that it will take you ONE week to recover to a pre-hospital condition for every ONE day you spend in the hospital  (some data states 3-4

after three months, were further advanced in assimilating back into their familiar surroundings and activities than those who did not return home. Reduced risk of infections, increased comfort, quiet environment, better food and faster healing are all excellent reasons to heal at home. You only get ONE life. Your life is not a dress rehearsal. Make every day count! With post hospitalization care by KCRN, you can recover at home.

Not only do we urge you to come home to recover, KCRN will coordinate your care before and after any medical illness or surgical procedure. Prior to your procedure we are available for patient advocacy and collaboration with your family and medical team on your behalf. Keys Concierge RN has an excellent working relationship with medical providers and medical facilities in the Florida Keys. Our knowledge of the inner workings of medical offices, hospitals, pharmacies and durable medical suppliers puts us in the Captain's Chair when obtaining refills, clarifying discharge instructions and championing your pain relief requests. Are the correct medications being prescribed after surgery? Do you take supplements and can they be continued? Are the uses and benefits of your medications being thoroughly explained? Are your walker, bedside commode, traction equipment, pressure mattress, nebulizer, hospital bed delivered and ready for your return home? All of these questions and more can be quickly addressed by your KCRN nurse.

Our environmental assessment allows for the best transition home. We will conduct an assessment of your home to evaluate your needs after hospitalization. Are you having orthopedic surgery and live in a multilevel home? Do you need a rolling walker or a stationary walker? Bending, lifting and walking may be limited. A proactive approach and solutions are essential to your recovery. KCRN has a keen eye for restoring the functionality of your living space and the solutions to create an ideal environment for healing.

We will make the home safe and recovery ready. We will obtain medications, explain dietary requirements or restrictions and preparations prior to your procedure to ease. We will provide transportation to and from the procedural location and remain with you until you are comfortable and all of your needs have been attended to both prior to and after your surgery is successfully completed. Services are available so that you have the privacy, peace of mind and the advocacy of your own Keys Concierge RN. The best recovery starts with the best care possible.

Plan for your upcoming surgery with the knowledge and expertise of Keys Concierge RN by your side to answer questions and reassure you about the days ahead.

Be discharged from the hospital to a well prepared home, by a Keys Concierge RN, who will stay with you until you're comfortably settled in your familiar environment.

Have your medications picked up from the pharmacy for you and your family members updated every step of your recovery. Keys Concierge RN will manage these scenarios and any others you may encounter. 

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* Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Involving insurance companies in on your healthcare decisions can prevent you from having the time you need with your healthcare provider and the quality of care you will receive. By not requesting insurance approval or reimbursement, we are able to provide more personalized and higher quality care that you and/or your loved one deserve. 

We believe in creating stronger nurse-patient relationships without insurance.

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"I knew that if Connie and the rest of the medical team hadn't worked tirelessly, I wouldn't be here today. I was cared for by many nurses, but she is a rare type of nurse whom I will never forget."

"Connie has been caring for patients for a long time, knows how to listen and shows great empathy for the well being of others. She has high expectations of herself and doesn't settle for anything but delivering the very best care."

"I felt safe and confident with Connie's care and knowledge. Her care far exceeded my expectations, when I was very sick [with COVID-19]."

"Connie is knowledgeable, dedicated and highly competent. Aside from her excellent nursing skills, I would say her strongest characteristic is her ability to communicate effectively with anyone and everyone."

"Connie established relationships with not only her patients, but also their family members. This relationship helps them to feel safe during a time of uncertainty. She is a great patient advocate and always ensures patient safety."

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