care the patients need. A patient advocate, also known as a patient navigator or health concierge, is there to help you or a family member work their way through the system with the goal of getting the best care for the patient.

Managing your health, or the health of loved one's, has been become a lot more complicated recently. The healthcare industry has been getting bigger; with its increasing size and complexity, it has also become more difficult for patients and caregivers to understand. This can result in it being arduous to obtain the

What is a Patient Advocate?

Maybe you've been recently diagnosed with a condition that will require specialist visits and recurring treatments. Perhaps an elderly patient would be better served by receiving ongoing care. For a patient or caregiver, finding a doctor or a hospital, working with a health plan to cover services, and making sense of it all can be challenging on top of the stress that comes with having a health issue. A patient advocate can help make sense of it all.

Why use a Patient Advocate?

An advocate understands the healthcare system. They can research the individual needs of the client and find the right doctor, contact the health plan to ensure the patient can get the most from their benefits, and promote understanding of their issues. Advocates use their skills to efficiently traverse the healthcare system and streamline the process for the patient, lessening the burden placed on the client in organizing care. Their focus on the client's health and rights combined with the knowledge of healthcare can yield the most important result—complete care for the patient.
As an advocate, KCRN is here to support you or a loved one when they need healthcare services. As a health concierge, we will work to provide the individual attention patients need to ensure they can get the complete care they need. From the very start, we will tailor my approach to meet your needs. Our first meeting can be wherever you feel most comfortable, whether at home or another location; We can even meet at the hospital, should your condition require you to be admitted. At our initial meeting, we will discuss health concerns, current situation, and goals. After familiarizing ourselves with the you or your loved one's situation, we can begin to plan the next steps on the path to care. 

How can a Patient Advocate Help You?

Felt confident leaving your doctor knowing exactly what must be done to achieve the quality of life you want. 

Sought second opinions and were able to find better treatment because of the advise of an experienced RN.

Didn't feel so alone navigating the healthcare system and knew that you had an experienced nurse to guide you through these times of uncertainty.

Imagine if you...

When Do you Need a Patient Advocate?

With the loved one's permission, We can serve as a liaison between them and their doctor. If a doctor recommends treatment or offers explanation that is too technical, we can help interpret it. We can also offer suggestions for topics to discuss with the doctor on future visits and help formulate questions to ask that can yield answers, and more importantly, results. Discussions about care doesn’t have to be limited to doctors; We can serve as a conduit to keep family informed about the latest developments with the loved one's care, also with permission. Family is important, and it is vital to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the health of someone they care about.

Only 20% of information is absorbed and understood by the patient during a doctor’s appointment. KCRN is there to accompany and assist you in preparing your questions, giving your health history, understanding your treatment plans, and follow up after your visits. We communicate this to family members, other doctors, and anyone else who is involved in your care. We give you added support to communicate your needs efficiently and speak on your behalf when you feel like you aren’t being heard in this vast healthcare system.

Doctor Appointments

Doctor-Patient Liason

KCRN's services go beyond just appointments and discussions with your doctor and family. Elderly loved one's may need to consider transitioning to a nursing facility to better meet their healthcare needs. Based on the client's input and provider's recommendations, we can make arrangements for admission into a long term care facility. We also can coordinate home care services, should the decision be made that care at home is the best course of action.

Elder Care Issues

In addition to more traditional options, we can propose the exploration of alternative treatments, including holistic and complementary therapy choices. We also can assist in finding the best options for treating substance abuse and mental health issues, which can help heal more than just the body.

Alternative Treatments

Do you or a loved one need access to mental health services or addiction treatment options? KCRN is here to help coordinate the right treatment for your needs. We understands how difficult and complex managing mental illness can be. We are here to make sure that psychiatrist and doctors communicate with you and each other.

Mental Healthcare

KCRN has an affinity for navigating a system that many patients and even their caregivers find confusing and frustrating. We can navigate efficiently through the maze of the healthcare system. We are capable of getting results the patient needs, faster—and with considerably less effort—than if they had to figure it out on their own.

Care Coordination

KCRN aims to bridge any gap of support in your healthcare journey by providing private, individualized assistance during those critical times. Our mission is to give you peace of mind and support when you need it most. Typical advocacy activities involve the following: Patient Rights, Matters of Privacy, Confidentiality or Informed Consent, Patient Representation, Quality of Care, Support and Education of Physicians, Family Members and your Healthcare Team.

The Benefits of Care Membership

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* Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Involving insurance companies in on your healthcare decisions can prevent you from having the time you need with your healthcare provider and the quality of care you will receive. By not requesting insurance approval or reimbursement, we are able to provide more personalized and higher quality care that you and/or your loved one deserve. 

We believe in creating stronger nurse-patient relationships without insurance.

Do you Take Insurance?

"I knew that if Connie and the rest of the medical team hadn't worked tirelessly, I wouldn't be here today. I was cared for by many nurses, but she is a rare type of nurse whom I will never forget."

"Connie has been caring for patients for a long time, knows how to listen and shows great empathy for the well being of others. She has high expectations of herself and doesn't settle for anything but delivering the very best care."

"I felt safe and confident with Connie's care and knowledge. Her care far exceeded my expectations, when I was very sick [with COVID-19]."

"Connie is knowledgeable, dedicated and highly competent. Aside from her excellent nursing skills, I would say her strongest characteristic is her ability to communicate effectively with anyone and everyone."

"Connie established relationships with not only her patients, but also their family members. This relationship helps them to feel safe during a time of uncertainty. She is a great patient advocate and always ensures patient safety."

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