intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Our experienced team of registered nurses will provide personalized care with a focus on maintaining ongoing developmental health and managing daily life.

Keys Concierge RNs entire model is focused on providing quality care. Our mission is to make a difference in each of our patients' lives. With our Daily Living Support Services, you can choose from independent, in-home, or around-the-clock care for individuals with

What is Daily Living Support?

The focal point to our Daily Living Support services is the individual. With a more person-centered approach, our team of registered nurses develops a daily routine that is unique to the individual receiving the support. At KCRN we know how impactful it can be, for individuals with disabilities, to have the right type of care while maintaining independence. That is why we give you or your loved one the ability to utilize our services on a 24 hour continuous basis. We cater each of our CARE packages specifically to the medical and personal needs of the individual. Our options include the development of living skills such as money management, home maintenance, and shopping to scheduling and attending medical appointments. We keep an open line of communication with healthcare professionals and follow up on all healthcare needs. Let our caring and proficient team at Keys Concierge RN provide you with premiere home care services. 

What can we do for you:

At KCRN we are aware that providing caregiving services to your loved one with disabilities and taking care of personal responsibilities can get overwhelming at times. If you feel as if you need an extra helping hand around or it's time for you to take some personal days, that would be the perfect time to consider our Daily Living Support services. Give us a call today, we are standing by to answer any questions you may have. We also recommend scheduling an RN consultation where we meet with you and your loved one and get acquainted with your daily caregiving routine. We will discuss your needs and expectations and make sure you and your loved one receive the very best care in all of Monroe County!

When to take advantage of KCRN daily living support?

Feel safely and professionally assisted with personal care like bathing, dressing, and incontinence care. 

Confidently invite your closest friends over to visit and Keys Concierge RN arriving earlier in the day to ensure you are prepared and well rested for the long awaited social hour, 

Feel at ease knowing you are or your loved one is being fed; properly medicated; the house being cleaned; and laundry done. Keys Concierge RN believes there's no task too large or too small.

Imagine if you could...

The Benefits of Care Membership

Membership Details

24/7/365 KCRN Membership Only Dedicated Phone Line

KCRN Priority Scheduling 

Monthly KCRN Cares Phone Check In

Monthly KCRN Cares Newsletter

Personalized KCRN Comprehensive Evaluation    

$50 per month after your first month!

* Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Involving insurance companies in on your healthcare decisions can prevent you from having the time you need with your healthcare provider and the quality of care you will receive. By not requesting insurance approval or reimbursement, we are able to provide more personalized and higher quality care that you and/or your loved one deserve.

We believe in creating stronger nurse-patient relationships without insurance.

Do you Take Insurance?

"I knew that if Connie and the rest of the medical team hadn't worked tirelessly, I wouldn't be here today. I was cared for by many nurses, but she is a rare type of nurse whom I will never forget."

"Connie has been caring for patients for a long time, knows how to listen and shows great empathy for the well being of others. She has high expectations of herself and doesn't settle for anything but delivering the very best care."

"I felt safe and confident with Connie's care and knowledge. Her care far exceeded my expectations, when I was very sick [with COVID-19]."

"Connie is knowledgeable, dedicated and highly competent. Aside from her excellent nursing skills, I would say her strongest characteristic is her ability to communicate effectively with anyone and everyone."

"Connie established relationships with not only her patients, but also their family members. This relationship helps them to feel safe during a time of uncertainty. She is a great patient advocate and always ensures patient safety."

Kind Words