Companion Care is the meeting of all needs possible to improve the physical and mental well being of a loved one, in their own environment. Companion Care provides a variety of beneficial services that make life more manageable and fulfilling, but companionship itself is perhaps the most important. By keeping your loved one active and engaged, your loved one will thrive and their quality of life will be optimized. Companion care may be provided daily, weekly or monthly depending on the level of your loved ones needs. 

What is Companion Care?

In the past, Assisted Living facilities and Nursing Homes were viewed as the only choice for loved ones who needed care. Keys Concierge RN provides a better option. Shrinking social circles, poor health, life changes and even transportation challenges can mean isolation for older adults. If isolation leads to loneliness, it can have devastating effects on health and quality of life. Keys Concierge RN offers a solution.

KCRN Companion Care offers a high level of personalized care on a consistent basis. We provide continuous monitoring and coordination of activities of daily living so your loved one can remain comfortable and secure in familiar surroundings. When choosing KCRN Companion Care, your loved one will maintain the ability to live the life they choose with the security of knowing a compassionate Keys Concierge RN is with them. Your loved 

one may continue to reside in their own home and as the aging process progresses, Companion Care can increase the services provided. If other family members work full time or have other obligations, it can be difficult to ensure that a family member is always available to transport them to a medical appointment and other locations.

If your loved one wants to "age in place", KCRN Companion Care is perfect for those who may need assistance and companionship during daytime hours but can manage on their own at night. Companion Care is the most beneficial service to allow them to remain independent, in the comfort of their own home. 

Feel safely and professionally assisted with personal care like bathing, dressing, and incontinence care. 

Confidently invite your closest friends over to visit and Keys Concierge RN arriving earlier in the day to ensure you are prepared and well rested for the long awaited social hour, 

feel at ease knowing you are or your loved one is being fed; properly medicated; the house being cleaned; and laundry done. Keys Concierge RN believes there's no task too large or too small.

Imagine if you could...

The Benefits of Care Memebership

Membership Details

24/7/365 KCRN Membership Only Dedicated Phone Line

KCRN Priority Scheduling 

Monthly KCRN Cares Phone Check In

Monthly KCRN Cares Newsletter

Personalized KCRN Comprehensive Evaluation    

$50 per month after your first month!

* Fees start at $50/hr for Keys Concierge RN care.

Involving insurance companies in on your healthcare decisions can prevent you from having the time you need with your healthcare provider and the quality of care you will receive. By not requesting insurance approval or reimbursement, we are able to provide more personalized and higher quality care that you and/or your loved one deserve.

We believe in creating stronger nurse-patient relationships without insurance.

Do you Take Insurance?

"I knew that if Connie and the rest of the medical team hadn't worked tirelessly, I wouldn't be here today. I was cared for by many nurses, but she is a rare type of nurse whom I will never forget."

"Connie has been caring for patients for a long time, knows how to listen and shows great empathy for the well being of others. She has high expectations of herself and doesn't settle for anything but delivering the very best care."

"I felt safe and confident with Connie's care and knowledge. Her care far exceeded my expectations, when I was very sick [with COVID-19]."

"Connie is knowledgeable, dedicated and highly competent. Aside from her excellent nursing skills, I would say her strongest characteristic is her ability to communicate effectively with anyone and everyone."

"Connie established relationships with not only her patients, but also their family members. This relationship helps them to feel safe during a time of uncertainty. She is a great patient advocate and always ensures patient safety."

Kind Words